BL Tattoo studio is founded in September 2006 and it started working at that time. In previous years the studio has been developing towards European standards and it strives to that goal even today, continuously working on innovations in styles, work and improvement of the approach to tattooing and tattooing culture in our country.

BL TATTOO CREW is made of Igor Pešić Pedi as owner of the studio and tattoo & piercing master, Nikola Knežević Knele as the second tattoo master as all his experience was gained learning at this studio, and Davor Kurtić as the person responsible for reception of the clients, sterilization and all other issues that you find interesting about tattooing and piercing.

The Studio can be proud of a great number of paintings and motives that were designed, then drew out and finally transferred on bodies of our clients in here as well as of working conditions which are equal to modern western European tattoo shops.

In the recent period of existence and work of the studio, Pedi has visited and participated in dozens of international tattoo conventions (Berlin, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Krakow, Gleisdorf…), and he intends to continue visiting and actively participate in them.

The greatest satisfaction of the studio is that our clients go out of it happy and satisfied with the service they received and so they come back with new ideas that we adjust and transfer into the art called tattooing.

Different actions and styles that are shown in completed works speak of many years of experience and work, and it is up to you to make a choice…

Preparation for tattooing, piercing and cleaning of working station

The process of tattooing and piercing, from the beginning to the end of work, is performed in surgically sterile gloves for one time use. All the equipment that comes in contact with the client is packed in plastic begs:

  • Tools for tattooing (cables, adapter, syringes)
  • Tools for piercing (paeans, scissors, tweezers, and needles) are waiting for the client sterile packed in plastic sterile packages for sterilization with sterility indicators.
  • Plugs for color, tattooing needles, piercing needles are all for one time use and they are thrown away after the work is completed.

Parts of the tattooing machines (tubes and syringes), piercing tools (paeans, scissors, tweezers) after tattooing and piercing is completed are cleaned in an ultrasound bath in special liquid for cleaning surgical instruments, and after that they are sterilized in AUTOCLAVE for 30min at temperature of 142 C degrees under pressure of 3 bars.

After sterilization, the tools are packed in bags and wait for the next client. Working platform is also cleaned after each work with a liquid for working area disinfection (Hygienic 3000, Meliseptol, Sterilium).

You decided to make a tattoo? Make a clever choice!

1. Choice of Tattoo Studio (how to choose the right one)?

  • Do not rush with a choice of tattoo studio
  • Visit several tattoo studios or visit tattoo convention to get more information
  • Talk to your friends who already made a tattoo … ask them about their experiences
  • The most important criteria in the choice of tattoo studio should be hygiene, and not the price of tattoo! If you do not pay attention to hygiene in the studio you may seriously endanger your health!

You have chosen a tattoo studio? Pay attention…

  • Working station must be perfectly clean, well illuminated and discrete.
  • Make sure that tattoo masters use sterile needles and equipment
  • That there is functional “autoclave” (sterilizer) and that they performed a six month inspection of the device.
  • That they use disinfection means and medical gloves for one time use
  • Make sure that the color that will be used for your tattoo is poured into specially designed cups (these cups are for one time use).
  • Before you start with tattooing, demand from your tattoo artist to disinfect your skin.
There is a reason why all this items need to be carefully read for many times and literally followed. 
Be assured of the quality of your tattoo master

Pay attention to his/her previous works. It is important to be sure of the quality of their work so in the end you will be satisfied as well. Have a look at the way how outlined are borders (lines must be flat, not wriggly), shaded (shades must be smooth), and the colors (must be balanced). Do not be in a hurry while looking at the paintings/photos in his/her album. Make a stop on each page and inspect the work carefully (if you notice some great difference among works, it may implicate that the tattoo artist put some other person’s works into his portfolio). However, if the artist tells you that the photos are currently being prepared and that he/she did not have time to put them in an album, say thank you for the kindness and walk away. Your conscience would be thankful to you.


If you do not stick to the following instructions, the result will be drastically bad quality and faded, as well as cracked tattoo with fuzzy lines and uneven color.


  • Immediately after tattooing go to the pharmacy and buy BEPANTHEN OINTMENT (do not take into consideration any other product)
  • You will also need transparent adhering foils, adhesive tape and paper towels or tissues

Start the following procedure approximately 5 hours after tattooing and repeat it every  5-6 hours (except when you sleep) in the next 7- 10 days.

  • WASH! : wash your hands and take off the foil that the tattoo master had placed on the tattoo. Under a lightweight stream of water thoroughly but gently with your fingers (not your nails) wash and take off the rest of ointment and blood. Then wash it out with cool water. If you do not have running water nearby, use bottled water. Tattoo need to be washed regularly and thoroughly but must not be soaked in water.
  • DRY! : after wash gently dry the tattoo with paper towel or paper tissue without any rubbing or scratching. Keep the tattoo on air for 10- 15 minutes and if during that time a drop or two of blood or lymph come out gently dry it with paper towel or paper tissue
  • SPREAD!: the most important in the next 7-10 days is to constantly keep the tattoo slightly greasy in order to avoid appearance of scabs that would damage it. 15 minutes after washing, gently spread the Bepanthen ointment over the tattoo in clear thin layer. Tattoo must be clearly visible without white marks of ointment. Eventual spare of ointment remove gently with paper towel or paper because too thick layers would prevent skin from breathing and can cause inflammation (redness and blisters).
  • PROTECT!: the most ideal condition to keep the tattoo is fresh air and regularly keep up with previously stated three steps every 4-5 hours in the period from 7 -10 days but as not many people have possibility to do that due to everyday obligations and job, we recommend the other option. After washing and drying and spreading ointment put the new clean transparent foil and all the process of 4 steps should be repeated each 5-6 hours …
  • The foil should stop being used during the day and night when your tattoo is clean without any signs of lymph or other body fluids for 2-3 hours after wearing the foil. This usually happens 2-3-4 days after tattooing but you should continue with drying and spreading.
  • When you stop wearing the foil, the tattoo will start itching and peeling off. This is normal part of the healing process. You should not forcefully jig and peel off the skin from the tattoo (it must fall off by itself) and you should not scratch the tattoo. When the skin falls off the tattoo within 2-3 weeks, you should start using body lotion with plenty of vitamin E because it enhances skin epithelization.
  • 10-14 days from the tattooing, it is not allowed to take a bath in the tub, swimming pool, river, lake or the sea.
  • After peeling off process, the tattoo will get matte shade; sometimes the skin will be dry at that place for some time.
  • Intensity and sharpness of the color vary from person to person depending on the skin type. Tattooing colors do not cover your natural pigment but mix with it which means that on the white skin colors will be vivid and sharper.
  • 4 weeks after tattooing you should protect the tattoo from the sun and solarium with opaque cloth (cloths or thick gauze). After that period, for additional 2 months you should spread sun protection cream with factor over 50 while exposing the tattoo to the sun.
  • Intensive sweating, doing sports and using sauna should be avoided for 2 weeks from the tattooing.


IT WILL RELIABLY HELP FOR YOUR TATTOO TO STAY BEAUTIFUL AND HIGH QUALITY ON YOURS AND OURS SATISFACTION. And keep your skin as skin is our biggest organ and it should be respectfully treated by all of us!!!




Factors which influence the price of tattoo include:

  • Size of tattoo
  • PART OF THE BODY WHERE TATTOO IS CREATED (as it is not the same to do the tattoo on the arm and chest or neck, on the back, leg, or belly)
  • COMPLEXITY (It happens that for two tattoos of the same dimensions we need different time for tattooing. Simple tattoo can be finished in 3 hours, while a complex one can be done for 6-7 hours or we may even schedule you for another day)
  • IS IT COLOR OR BLACK & GRAY (black and white shading)

And of course, we do not copy some other peoples work and if you bring a drawing or a photo of some other master (draftsmen who usually do not like that their drawings are transferred on the body without their permission) we will not transfer that image on your body without contact with the person and his/her permission. This is the codex and respect to colleagues from this beautiful art. Tattooing is in deed a beautiful art.

Removing a tattoo

This method is done bay laser treatment of lightening. (For example if you want to do a cover up) necessary time interval between two laser treatments is 5-6 weeks. Your cover up tattoo after laser removal of the old one can be created not sooner than 6 months after the removal treatment.

Short description: Laser is designed to work on two wavelengths (1064 nm and 532 nm). With its spectrum of frequencies, laser does not remove only dark pigments and the tattoo color but the red pigments which are extremely sensitive and necessary for your skin.

Function of the laser: During the intensive treatment, laser influences the pigment and breaks it into smaller particles that after some time get removed by the immune system through your blood vessels, lymph and over your skin surface

We do not do the laser treatment if the client:

  • has heart disease
  • is on the cortisone therapy
  • goes on chemotherapy
  • has tattoo on places where blood vessels are directly under the skin
  • is under influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs
  • is pregnant
  • has liver disease
  • has epilepsy

Diabetes / hard wound healing

You will get detailed consulting and instructions that you have to take into consideration before you make a choice to do this treatment. Laser treatment may be scheduled in our tattoo studio. We do not have long waiting lists.